Gold Beach and Wake Island

Gold Beach at Battlegroup North
Pictures of our demo game in action
Bombs away. A long shot of the game which was sited near to the only surviving example of a Halifax bomber.
The first waves hit the beach.
A view from the other end.
So much for the first boatload of specialist armour. Mines and AT fire made short work of them.
Second wave of infantry storm ashore
Malcolm Taylor hoping that the DDs may fair better.
German defenders of Le Hamel.
Carriers and infantry at last making progress.
StuG III lurking amongst the livestock.
Wake Island
This game last made a public appearance in in the early 1990s.
A view of the game.
Above: Jap Marines storming ashore.
Above: American Wildcat painted by Julian.
The Pan Am Hotel.
Construction camp.
Jap sailors approaching one of the islands.
A US Marine water cooled 50 cal.
American Marines looking for the japs
Someone’s shot down my plane!