Modelling a Sherman DD Tank

Modelling a ‘Swimming’ Sherman DD Tank

Many wargamers like to recreate their own armies using readily available plastic kits. The plastic figure figure/kit manufacturer HaT produce a very affordable Sherman which is ideal for a simple conversion to a swimming DD tank for gaming the D-Day landings.

Click on the modelling images to enlarge for more detail.

The finished model
The materials required are a HaT Armourfast Sherman tank, 40 thou plastic card, 20 thou plastic card and Milliput. The tools needed are a razor saw, some fine sand paper, plastic liquid cement, a craft knife and a wooden barbeque skewer. 1. The hull needs modifying with a razor saw. 2. Remove the front mudguards and hull.
3. Cut into the rear of the hull at right angles to the the track skirt moulding line. 4. Remove the track skirts on both sides along the moulding line. 5. Lightly sand the bottom of the trimmed hull to make sure it is flat.
6. Trim off the extra side armour with the craft knife. 7. Cut out a piece of 40 thou plastic card (length 100 mm) to the dimensions shown in the photo. 8. Glue the hull bottom to one side of the shape (note the rear door section fits neatly through the hole).
9. Turn the model over and glue the trimmed hull top onto the plastic card (the locating lugs for the rear doors can still be used to position the hull). 10. Return to the part of the hull front that has been removed. 11. Trim off the mudguards.
12. Glue the trimmed hull front piece in place underneath as above. 13. Cut out six pieces of 20 thou plastic card to the dimensions in the photo. 14. Glue them in place.
15. While the strips are setting glue the gun barrel and turret locating pin in place (but leave off the mantlet). 16. Mix some Milliput and fill the triangle at the front and push a little into the sides where the base plate meets the strips to secure the strips in place. 17. Use some Milliput to create a waterproof cover for the gun mantlet. Then leave this first batch of Milliput to set.
18. Mix and roll a length of Milliput (about 6 mm in diameter). 19. Wrap the roll around the plastic card strips. 20.Use the barbeque skewer like a rolling pin to flatten the Milliput against the plastic card strips and create a swimming skirt.
21. Add a little more Milliput to the top of the triangle area and use the skewer to shape the Milliput so it just rolls over the top of the plastic card strips. 22. Use the pointed end of the skewer to make a fold in the middle of the skirt (all the way around the tank). .23. Add two more fold lines (these can be smoothed out using a dampened paint brush).
Leave the Milliput to set and finally glue the track sections in place and add the turret and the model is ready for painting