Omaha Beach

Dave Andrew’s Omaha Beach Game
(As seen at Partizan 2 – September 2003)
The run ashore – Britannia LCVPs
Britannia LCT 6
Britannia LCMs with Raventhorpe boat teams
Another shot of the Britannia boats
Action on the beach – Ready to Roll tanks
Close up of the Sherman dozer tank – things not going too well for the PBI
Another view of the run ashore – Britannia LCVP
Storming the beach – Raventhorpe figures and vehicles (Ready to Roll) with scratch built obstacles
Wading ashore
Britannia LCT 6 – lots of extra detail added by Dave
The D1 draw featuring a modified Raventhorpe WN71 strongpoint and scratchbuilt trenches
Another view of WN71
Tranches at the top of the bluffs
More trenches
A Britannia horse drawn wagon
A Marder III tankdestroyer (an old ESCI kit?)