York Show

We’ll be at Vapnatak (the York Wargames Show) on Sunday 5th February.


The RF rulebook is out temporarily out of print.  Work on the new edition is well underway and copies are still available from North Star Military Figures. A PDF download can be purchased at a discounted price of $9 from Wargame Vault by clicking on this link.

New Ready to Rolls

We’ve added a Somua Pioneer half-track to the popular 21st Panzer range and a M8 HMC to give a bit more punch to your US recce unis.

New Tunisian Campaign Scenario

Tebaga Gap is the second of the PDF scenario series that extends our popular Battlegroups concept into the Tunisian campaign of 1943.  It is available to purchase and download through our on-line shop.

Normandy Battlegames Playsheets

We’ve added bespoke playsheets for six of the scenarios (Cambes, La Fiere, Lebisey, Norrey and Putot, Viller Bocage and Villiers-le-Sec) to the PDF shopping cart.  These are all priced at 70p each and provide VG charts, graphical orbats and morale values for a convenient ready reference guide for each of the games…. we’ll add the rest in the near future!

Normandy Battlegames Is Here

It’s arrived and all pre orders have been shipped.  We’ll have it for sale at the Vapnartak Show at York Racecourse) on Sunday 7th February.

New RTRs

The German Marder III M Panzerjager and Grille SP 150mm Infantry Gun have been added to the Ready to Roll range (RTR 404 and RTR 405)