Lightfoot’s Left Flank – Masters of Miteiriya Ridge

A new scenario for ‘Monty’s Desert Battles’ by Richard Marsh.  The fully illustrated scenario covers the left flank of the main northern ‘Lightfoot’ assault during the battle of El Alamein.  Click here for details.

Battlefield Signs

A great selection of battlefield signs (and a German Zeltbahn shelter) – a  free download from Chris Woffenden.  Thanks Chris [dm]2309[/dm]

The Full Monty

The 70th anniversary of the Battle of El Alamein, Britain’s greatest victory of World War II, is on October 23rd 2012. Will you be ready? Start building your forces now, using the only wargames guide that gives you all the information you need to fight the desert battles that made ‘Monty’ a household name. ‘Monty’s Desert Battles’ is Rapid Fire’s new guide to wargaming the period when Montgomery fought Rommel to end the war in the Western Desert. Find out how infantry were reorganised to stop tanks, charge into battle with the first Shermans, learn how to fight through ‘Devils… Read More

Polish vehicle and gun chart and Polish aircraft chart

New charts added. Many thanks to Phil Halewood for the information (with tweaks by Richard). [dm]2482[/dm][dm]2400[/dm]

Supercharge – Balaclava in Tanks

A new scenario by Richard to complement Monty’s Desert Battles is now available. Click here for more details.

Monty’s Mystery Models

Richard reveals the origins of the models featured in the latest supplement. [dm]2286[/dm]

Sequence of Play/Rule Clarifications

Chris Leach from Canada has kindly donated an expanded sequence of play note and a consolidated list of clarifications. These are free to download from the Rapid Fire! rules page.