The Roadblock at Taukkyan Download The Roadblock at Taukkyan (582.18KB)
A Burma scenario by Vip Klykoom. In May 1942 Commomwealth forces struggle to break through a Japanese roadblock in their desperate attempts to retreat from Rangoon.

Corinth Canal Download Corinth Canal (1.20MB)
April 1941 - the German airborne seizure of the important canal crossing in southern Greece. Mark Piper updates the scenario from the original Rapid Fire! rulebook.

Maleme Airfield Download Maleme Airfield (1.05MB)
The decisive famous German airborne assault on the island of Crete (May 1941) by Mark Piper

Operation Roast Download Operation Roast (810.39KB)
A 1945 British Commando action at Lake Commanchio in Italy by Mark Piper.

D-Day + 1 The Push on Carpiquet Airfield Download D-Day + 1 The Push on Carpiquet Airfield (1.18MB)
The Canadians run headlong into 12th SS Panzer Division on 7th June by Mark Piper and Colin.

Bretteville Download Bretteville (1.31MB)
The Canadians continue to battle with 12th SS on 8th June by Mark Piper.

The Battle for Rots Download The Battle for Rots (1.26MB)
More Canadian v Hitlerjugend action. A scenario by Mark Piper (11th June).

The Battle for Villers Bocage Download The Battle for Villers Bocage (1.15MB)
Michael Witmann's famous action against the British 7th Armoured Division (Normandy - 13th June 1944) by Mark Piper

NW Europe Page Template

This 72 page book offers the Rapid Fire! player no less than 17 carefully researched historical scenarios in 5 sections:

  • Introduction and beginners’ battle;
  • D-Day and Normandy;
  • France, Belgium and Holland;
  • The Ardennes and German Border, and
  • Germany and Northern Holland.

    Between them, the scenarios cover every month of the NW Europe Campaign and the whole range of troops, equipment and tactical situations, including beach landings, river crossings, airborne assaults and daring raids.

A Tiger I from the Maltot scenario

Inside, you’ll find a game-friendly layout, with new-look maps and special rules combined on the same page, backed up by historical background, game objectives and full orders of battle.

Each scenario also has its own ‘Game Notes’ page, with information and hints on terrain, game design and tactics, plus all the key fighting vehicle and gun data you need to play.


The book also boasts 8 colour pages with 29 action shots of the models and figures used to game-test the scenarios: all of them close-up enough to double as painting and modelling guides.

Finally, the book includes black and white photographs, maps, tactical diagrams and hints on painting and modelling. It’s the complete package for the W.W.II gamer and for other miniatures players who want to try something new!

Sherman OP tank with dummy gun

D Day Sample Page

  • Right: an extract from the landing plan of the Sword Beach assault units. There is a detailed diagram for each of the invasion beaches. Each type of landing craft is identified together with its cargo.
  • A key explains each element e.g. (1) is a Sherman DD tank of the 13th/18th Hussars.
  • A set of simple rule additions called ‘Fighting for the Beaches’ makes handling large amphibious forces straight forward and recreates all the challenges faced by the Allies as they battle to establish a toe hold on Fortress Europe.
  • RAPID FIRE! D-Day Campaign Guide contains orders of battle for all the forces committed to the invasion and units defending the Normandy coastline on 6th June 1944.

  • Eight game scenarios covering the five landing beaches (Utah, Omaha, Gold, Juno and Sword), the capture of St Mere-Eglise by US airborne forces and counter-attacks by 21 Panzer Division against the British airborne bridgehead and Sword Beach.
  • Detailed plans showing assault forces and key Atlantic Wall strongpoints. Historical summaries of Allied objectives and actual events.
  • 72 pages + 8 pages of colour plates.

Below: a sketch from the book. This particular 50 mm anti-tank gun casemate put up a spirited defence of the sea front at St Aubin in the Juno Beach sector.