Painting a 1944 German Infantryman Download Painting a 1944 German Infantryman (204.17KB)
A pdf painting guide download. Colin demonstrates a basic method of painting a new Valiant Miniatures hard plastic late war German rifleman with Humbrol acrylics.

Geilenkirchen – The British Attack Download Geilenkirchen - The British Attack (2.07MB)
Details of the Siegrfried Line (November 1944) game staged by the Sherwood Wargames Group at Triples 2006 (thanks to the group for permission to reproduce their handout).

Painting Plastic Figures III

Richard continues his guide with a trip to the Pacific and focuses on the excellent Revell US Marines (and updates the Pegasus Germans as well)
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Russian Front Demostration Game at Antics

Richard reports on his recent outing in the snow.
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Operation Nostalgia

Richard hosts a spectacular Aegean game at Clifton Road Games in Exeter.
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The 2nd Rapid Fire! Games Day

Richard reports on his second outing to Antics model shop in Plymouth.
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Sunshine Tour 2005

Richard Marsh takes Rapid Fire out and about in the South West.
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Painting Plastic Figures II

Richard shows how he created the 1944 British infantry battalion which features in the new Rapid Fire! rules book.
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Painting Plastic Figures

Richard provides a step by step guide for preparing and painting soft plastic figures
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The Battle for Ville Beurre Foss

Richard writes up a test game using our newly developed divisional organisations (scaling things down by a third to accomodate the bigger battles).
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