• Normandy Battlegames and Battlegroups Offer

    An £8 saving on purchasing the books separately.

  • Rapid Fire! Rulebook v2

    Rapid Fire! is a set of fast play miniatures rules which enables players to re-fight brigade-level combined arms engagements during WW II. Provides an interesting mix of supporting weapons to go with your infantry, such as artillery, aircraft and armor.… Read More

  • RF Battle of the Bulge

    Battle of the Bulge recreates the winter battle for the forests, hills and villages of the Ardennes region in 1944/45. Detailed research – including three visits to the Ardennes battle sites in winter – gives the games in this book… Read More

  • RF Monty’s Desert Battles

    Contains all the information you need to build and play with the forces that Rommel and Montgomery commanded in late 1942, including the momentous battle of El Alamein: the first major British victory of World War II. Includes: Setting the… Read More

  • RF N Africa

    Featuring the major engagements from Rommel’s arrival in Africa to the abortive Operation Battleaxe 40 full colour pages Divisional orders of battle Suggestions on how to create ‘scaled down’ representation of these major formations

  • RF Normandy Battlegames

    13 historical scenarios (3 of which can be played us a Carentan mini-campaign): Villiers-le-Sec, Leibsey, Norrey and Putot, La Fière, Cambes, Le Bas de Ranville and Hérouvillette, Cristot, Villers Bocage, Across the Elle, Operation Mitten, St Come-du-Mont, Defence of Carentan and Battle… Read More

  • RF Normandy Battlegroups

    A full colour, fully illustrated order of battle book for recreating the Normandy battles in June 1944. Manageable forces that capture the ‘feel’ of the key divisions. 400 point, 200 point and custom units representing British 3rd and 50th Infantry… Read More

  • RF NW Europe

    This 72 page book offers the Rapid Fire! player no less than 17 carefully researched historical scenarios in 5 sections: Introduction and beginners’ battle D-Day and Normandy France, Belgium and Holland The Ardennes and German Border Germany and Northern Holland… Read More