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Apart from Operation Market Garden (which is a scan of the the book first published in 1999) our PDFs are full colour and orbats are illustrated with graphics which take a long time to research and prepare. Sharing a PDF is copyright theft and puts at risk any future development of similar products. Thank you for your support.

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Below are the booklets that are either out of print or we no longer supply.
(Examples may still be available at specialist retailers)


The original rules and eight game scenarios for the 1940 – 1942 period (including a mini campaign based on the fall of Hong Kong).

14 diverse scenarios including cavalry actions and amphibious landings with r ule suggestions for winter and house to house fighting.

A comprehensive guide to the basic organisations fighting of the Russian Front (including German, Romanian, Hungarian, Italian, Slovakian, Finish and Soviet units).

Standard units and formations for the 44/45 campaign in NW Europe.

Details of actual units including the 6th Panzer Division at Kursk and the short lived Panzer Brigades.

Early Soviet units including the mixed arms tank brigades.

Late war Soviet units including heavy tank regiments and details of American tank formations.

Lots more actual German panzer units for the early war period including the forces engaged at Stalingrad.

A historical summary detailing events from Rommel’s arrival in the desert to the British attempt to relieve Tobruk – Operation Battleaxe. Orders of battle to all the major engagements.