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Latest News

  • The Other Partizan

    We’ll be at the show at Newark Showground on Sunday 18th August.

  • We’re on holiday for a couple of weeks so please note any RF Book orders orders received will be posted out week commencing 19th July (RTRs and PDFs unaffected).

  • Operation Goodwood Scenario

    To mark the 75th anniversary of the greatest British tank offensive of WWII Mark Piper has devised a Operation Goodwood scenario to download. The battle for Bras, North-East of Bourguebus Ridge, Normandy on 18th July 1944 was to be a…
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  • New Desert Battlegroups PDF

    ‘Auchinleck attacks Rommel’ extends our Battlegroups concept back to the battles that led up to El Alamein. Three new scenarios and lots more from Richard.