Blitzkrieg Scenario PDFs

We’ve added the first seven Blitzkrieg Battlegames scenario pdf playsheets to the shopping cart. Designed to make play easier and avoid bending your book to photocopy, on three ‘common’ pages they give all the common scenario info (victory conditions, special…
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Canadians in Normandy – PDF Version

We’ve added a PDF version of our Canadians in Normandy scenario booklet to our on-line shop. Four games playable on 6′ x 4′ tables covering the first days of the campaign…
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German Field Signs – Free Download

An early Xmas present from Chris Woffenden – a sheet of German field signs to download to print to enhance your models and games.  Many thanks Chris and Merry Xmas everyone!

Reloaded EXTRA – PDF version

The PDF version of the Rapid Fire Reloaded rules has been well received so we’ve added the Reloaed EXTRA rulebook to the Rapid Fire! PDFs shopping page.  The PDF includes paratroops and gliders, ground attacks by aircraft, amphibious landings, minefields…
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Rapid Fire Reloaded – PDF Version

In response to several requests to release the popular Rapid Fire Reloaded rules in PDF format we’ve added the basic rulebook to the Rapid Fire! PDFs shopping page.  Like other PDFs we sell, to avoid VAT payments, we need to…
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Rapid Fire! Rulebook v2

The A4 format RF2 printed rulebook has now sold out.  Although Rapid Fire Reloaded has been very popular we know that there are still many RF2 players who enjoy playing with charts etc.  To preserve the RF2 rules option we…
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New D-Day Scenario

Ian Willer has kindly donated his Gold Beach – Jig Green East scenario. Great 6 x 4′ Normandy landing action. We’ve converted into our usual format with graphics etc and it’s free to download. Many thanks Ian…
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