Operation Lustre – Defence of the Passes

Mark Piper’s come up trumps again with a PDF of three more extensively researched linked battle scenarios from Operation Lustre (the April 1941 Greek campaign). This is available free to download but in recognition of Mark’s hard work we ask…
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North Africa Signs by Chris Woffenden

Chris W has come up trumps again with a sheet of signs… the time suitable for the battlefield and scenarios of the North African campaign. Free to download for personal use.  Many thanks Chris…
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More French Signs by Chris Woffenden

A great Xmas present from Chris Woffenden.  Chris has designed a new sheet of French business and shop signs and we’ve added them to the free downloads page (for non commercial use of course).  Many thanks Chris.

Hell’s Highway: The Germans Cut the Corridor

A new Operation Market Garden scenario by Don McHugh has been added to the free downloads page.  A 6′ x 4′ game based on the Allied counter-attack on German forces that had managed to stall the XXX Corps advance towards…
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New Operation Sealion Signs by Chris Woffenden

Chris W has done it again and kindly designed two sets of signs suitable for game scenarios based on the aborted 1940 German invasion of England.  We’ve added these to the Free Downloads page.  Many thanks Chris.

New Normandy Scenario

Armoured Ambush Near Point 226 is an action from Operation Bluecoat on 30th July 1944. Mark Piper has designed a great little armoued action PDF which will go down well with all Churchill tank fans.  We’ve added it to the…
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Across the Elle – Normandy Battlegame PDF

We’ve added an ‘all in one’ PDF of the Across the Elle scenario from the Normandy Battlegames book to the shopping cart.