New Ready to Roll Vehicles

The German Wespe self-propelled 105mm gun, Sdkfz 232 (8 Rad) 20mm armoured car and Kubelwagen have been added to the on-line shop.

LRDG Raid on Levitha

Something a little different from Mark Piper.  The ill conceived British special forces raid on the German occupied Aegean Island of Levitha in October 1943.  A small scenario using a 1:1 figure ratio free to download.  Thanks Mark.

Operation Avalanche – The Salerno Landings

Another great new scenario by Mark Piper to download. 16th Panzer Division defends the beaches south of Salerno against a landing by the British X Corps.

New Reloaded Vehicle and Gun Charts

We’ve added Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Romanian and Slovak Reloaded vehicle and gun charts to the free downloads page on the site.

Free Downloads Are Now Easier to Find

To cope with our expanding collection of scenarios and VG charts etc we’ve added a filtering box to the Free Downloads page to make it easier to search for and find the one you want.

The Von Oppeln Counter-Attack

A free download of the 21st Panzer Division counter-attack against Périers Ridge on 6th June 1944 has been added. A new D-Day scenario by Don McHugh with photos of the unusual German equipment involved, orbats, a detailed battle map and…
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Operation Fustian – Sicily 1943

A new scenario to download – a surprise Xmas present from Mark Piper.  British 1st Parachute Brigade defends Primosole Bridge from attacks by the 1st Fallschirmjager and Herman Goring Panzer Divisions.  Mark has written this excellent scenario with RF2 in…
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