‘Auchinleck attacks Rommel’ is the second in our series of desert battle scenario pdfs extending our Battlegroups concept back to the battles that led up to El Alamein. It covers three key engagements from the lesser-known First Battle of El Alamein and concludes our coverage of the July 1942 fighting.

  • Three full-size scenarios: Tel el Eisa, Operation Bacon and Operation Splendour.
  • 400 point or 200 point (with 50 point options) graphic orders of battle for the Axis and Commonwealth forces involved, including Italian and New Zealand infantry.
  • Options allow all three scenarios to be played on the popular 6’ x 4’ ‘battleboards’.
  • Special rules, including the effects of the midday desert heat haze.
  • 15 photos of models and figures in action to aid your painting.
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