Rapid Fire Reloaded is the latest version of the Rapid Fire basic rules for W.W.2 wargaming with miniatures. The original fast play rules are now even faster, with new, easy to remember mechanisms and streamlined systems. Play using the standard Rapid Fire 1:15 figure and 1:5 vehicle ratios for brigade-level engagements, or use for 1:1 skirmishes or even 1:45/1:15 divisional level battles.

  • Handy A5 size booklet you can hold in one hand during games
  • Fully compatible with the advanced rules section of ‘Rapid Fire!’
  • Easy to pick up for experienced Rapid Fire players and ideal for newcomers to RF.
  • Free online ‘Reloaded’ vehicle and gun charts for many nations.
  • Includes two ‘battlegrouped’, points-balanced forces and a Normandy scenario that you can play to ‘action learn’ the rules
  • 16 pages packed with rules, rules, rules!
  • Available for the pocket money price of £5!
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