Battle of the Bulge recreates the winter battle for the forests, hills and villages of the Ardennes region in 1944/45. Detailed research – including three visits to the Ardennes battle sites in winter – gives the games in this book added authenticity, with the usual RF! attention to playability. You’ll also find plenty of information to help you create your own ‘Bulge’ armies and typical scenarios.

  • 72 pages in full colour!
  • 63 photographs of the wargames models used to play the games and the battle sites today
  • 20 pictorial orbats for typical and scenario-specific German and American Battle of the Bulge units, plus many more in table form
  • 10 scenarios – split between large and small games – with history, orbats, special rules, battle maps, tactical tips and design decisions
  • A unique ‘what if?’ mini-campaign, simulating the Allies’ greatest fear: a breakthrough to the River Meuse by Kampfgruppe Peiper.
  • Scenery, uniform and vehicle camouflage tips
  • Maps showing key locations and Kampfgruppe Peiper’s route. Many transferable units and rules for other NW Europe games