• ‘Lightfoot’s Left Flank – Masters of Miteiriya Ridge’ – is a scenario for ‘Monty’s Desert Battles’ in pdf format only.
  • It covers the left flank of the main northern ‘Lightfoot’ assault during the battle of El Alamein and is a companion game to the Lightfoot’ scenario in our ‘Monty’s Desert Battle’s’ book.
  • Play this scenario alone or combine it with ‘Lightfoot’ to fight the whole Northern assault: an ideal club project to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Battle of El Alamein on October 23rd 2012.
  • Take command of the gutsy South African and New Zealand infantry brigades and the ‘breakthrough’ armour of 10th Armoured Division, or dig in as the Axis commander of the tenacious German and Italian defender.
  • Played at the reduced divisional level RF ratio, ‘Lightfoot’s Left Flank ‘, like ‘Lightfoot’, features minefield defences, large scale infantry assault, and even more attacking and counter-attacking armour, all played on a recommended 9′ x 6′ size table.
  • The ‘Lightfoot’s Left Flank’ pdf includes background history, special rules, battle map, full graphic orbats for both forces, 15 new photographs and details of how to combine it with ‘Lightfoot’ to re-fight the greatest desert battle in history!
  • You will need a copy of ‘Monty’s Desert Battles’ to play this game.
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