‘Medenine – Rommel’s Last Offensive’ is the first in a new pdf series extending our popular Battlegroups concept to the Tunisian Campaign. In March 1943 Rommel launched his last attack in North Africa against the spearhead of Monty’s 8th Army in Southern Tunisia. Pit the famous desert rats of 7th Armoured Division against the re-equipped desert veterans of 15th Panzer Division in this follow up to our ‘Monty’s Desert Battles’ book and pdfs.

  • 400 point and 200 point (+50 point options) graphic Battlegroup orbats for British 7th Armoured Division and 15th Panzer Division in March 1943.
  • Medenine’ scenario with historical background, special rules and battle map.
  • Two fictional scenarios to fight with other battlegroup configurations.
  • Terrain tips and plenty of action photos of model vehicles, guns and figures to aid your modelling and painting.
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