Operation Market Garden is Rapid Fire’s new guide to wargaming the battles that followed the audacious Allied attempt to create an airborne ‘carpet’ over three major river crossings in the eastern Netherlands and drive an armoured spearhead into the Ruhr.

  • Distilling years of research and wargaming experience, Operation Market Garden provides what you need to recreate the vital first five days of this famous campaign on your war-games table. It includes:
  • Campaign narrative and modular table layout for fighting the key aspects of the campaign.
  • Graphic orders of battle for XXX Corps, the Allied parachute and glider formations and the complex assortment of German forces that opposed them. All ‘battlegrouped’ so you can assemble points-balanced forces.
  • Six scenarios with detailed battle maps so you can game key moments in the campaign.
  • Special rules, including para drop and glider landing
  • Photographs of key locations, wargames forces and spectacular model urban scenery to inspire your own Market Garden build up.
  • Specially commissioned artwork.
  • 64 pages packed with information and ideas.
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