‘Ruweisat Ridge – Auchinleck Stops Rommel’ is the first in a new pdf series extending our popular Battlegroups concept back to the Western Desert battles that preceded El Alamein. In May 1942 Rommel inflicted his most catastrophic defeat on 8th Army at Gazala. General Auchinleck had to gather his retreating forces at the El Alamein ‘choke point’ or Eygpt and the Suez Canal were lost. Pit the under strength veterans of 21st Panzer Division against the makeshift remains of 1stArmoured Division and the cobbled together ‘Robcol’ mobile column in this ‘prequel’ to our ‘Monty’s Desert Battles’ book and pdfs.

  • 400 point and 200 point (+50 point options) graphic Battlegroup orbats for British 1st Armoured Division (including the ‘Robcol’ mobile column) and 21st Panzer Division in July 1942.
  • Ruweisat Ridge’ scenario with historical background, special rules and battle map.
  • Bonus ‘Deir el Shein’ scenario (the action that preceded ‘Ruweisat’).
  • 15 action photos of model vehicles, guns and figures to inspire your modelling and painting.
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