• Operation Supercharge – Balaclava in Tanks’ – a new scenario for ‘Monty’s Desert Battles’ in pdf format only……
  • As featured on the cover of ‘Monty’s Desert Battles’, Operation Supercharge is a large brigade level game representing the crucial ‘break in’ battle at El Alamein that triggered the end for Rommel’s forces.
  • Take command of the heroic 9th Armoured Brigade in the attack that few expected to return from, or muster the dogged Axis defences to blunt 8th Army’s advance in this epic desert conflict.
  • Played at the normal RF ratios, ‘Operation Supercharge’ features a much weaker minefield defence, an infantry assault, and attacking and counter-attacking armour, all played on a recommended 8′ x 5′ size table.
  • The ‘Operation Supercharge’ pdf includes background history, special rules, battle map, full graphic orbats for both forces and 14 new photographs!
  • You will need a copy of ‘Monty’s Desert Battles’ to play this game.
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