‘Tebaga Gap — Monty’s Blitzkrieg’ is the second of the pdf scenario series that extends our popular Battlegroups concept into the Tunisian campaign of 1943. After Monty’s victory at Medenine 8th Army advanced on the fortified Mareth Line, with Monty hedging his bets by sending 2nd New Zealand Division (expanded to a corps) to outflank the defences and threaten the narrow Tebaga Gap. When the Mareth attack failed the New Zealanders were reinforced and the Gap was attacked in 8th Army’s first true air and ground ‘Blitzkrieg’. In this ‘sequel’ to our ‘Monty’s Desert Battles’ book and pdfs you’ll find:

  • 400 point and 200 point (+50 point options) graphic Battlegroup orbats for 2nd New Zealand Division/Corps and
  • 164th Light Africa Division in March 1943.
  • Divisional level ‘Tebaga Gap’ scenario with historical background, special rules and battle map, plus added airpower and Axis hidden marker sheet.
  • Bonus ‘Raid on 1st Armoured’s Rear’ scenario. A fast and furious game to play over and over!
  • Action photos of model vehicles, guns and figures to inspire your modelling and painting.
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