The town of Sainte-Mère-Église was a key objective of the US 82nd Airborne Division on D-Day 6th June 1944. It was a major cross roads on the main N13 road that connected Caen to Cherbourg and by daylight the town was in the hands of Lt Colonel Edward Krause’s 3rd Battalion of the 505 Parachute Infantry Regiment.  The Germans reacted quickly and counter-attacked throughout the day.  With the help of Lt Colonel Ben Vandervoort (John Wayne in the Longest Day) and his 2nd Battalion of ‘All Americans’ these attacks were repulsed.

A 200 point battlegroup of US paras against 350 point force of Germans which includes a rather mixed bag of armour support. The orders of battle are provided in our normal full colour graphical format and the battle map is drawn in the modular format in the popular Normandy Battlegames book.

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